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We are a group of creatives, happily growing since its inception

 Our Vision

Flexshield Solutions’s leaders envisioned a faster, more efficient way of modernizing IT infrastructures to eliminate the skyrocketing costs of legacy systems that had stymied innovation and eaten away at enterprise profitability for years. They also realized modernization offered their customers the opportunity to harness the power of globally dispersed data to build revenue.

 Our Mission

Flexshield Solutions’s mission is to assist its customers in driving enterprise profitability through advanced analytics and cloud modernization. Helping customers unravel the complexities of migrating mission-critical, enterprise applications, databases, infrastructure, and data—while saving them time, money and business disruption is how we do it.

 Our Skills

Business Intelligence
Cloud Services
Consulting Services
Database Services

Who we are

Flexshield Solutions is an IT Company which is part Of NBM group of company. Flexshield Solutions predominantly provides IT Services in the following areas: Enterprise Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Application Development and ITIL Consultancy. Flexshield Solutions is the leading partner of CA, Cirrato, OpenIAM and isheriff in the Middle East region.

Flexshield Solutions was formed with a wide array of technical and business skills. Our singular mission and desire was to pioneer a new way in the Business revolution, which we did, naming the new venture after our collective vision: Flexshield Solutions. Flexshield Solutions has harnessed the power of the Internet to empower its clients, its customers’ clients, and business partners to achieve maximum success. Our commitment, expertise and customer focus, Flexshield Solutions is today one of the fastest growing and most highly respected companies in the Middle East. And we are proud to say that Flexshield Solutions is also regarded as a topflight leader in the field of e-business services.

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Our Professional Services experts follow an approach that focuses on helping you achieve your desired business outcomes. Leveraging deep technical expertise and field-tested best practices, our consultants work with you to align project goals to the outcomes of greatest value and highest priority to your organization. We incorporate this approach in every engagement―tailored to your needs to help you accelerate success.

With IT popping up in every shape, everywhere, anytime, the pressure is as high as it has ever been on IT processes ensuring stability, continuity, and productivity for an organization. Infrastructure, software, and users can be anywhere at any time. There’s no centralized IT inventory tracking all the moving parts. IT managers have to make decisions that are often based on scattered, out of date, and incomplete data sources. How can you effectively manage the IT of an organization, if you’re not 100% sure of what assets you have to manage in the first place?


    Certified IT Management & Security products fulfilling all of your business needs, that are designed for industries & organizations having complex or sensitive architecture and data centers. Our Consultancy & Support is for products that ensures to provide organizations with a robust set of capabilities to boost up their Management, Compliance, Resource Planning, Application Development, ITIL & Security Services.


    Our Solution Development acquires a certain amount of prestige, in the Middle East and African Regions. Sustaining a credibility of our products at a length of praise, Which is itself a Astounding achievement. Complexity, Tested Scenarios and Pre & Post-deployment support is our key Factors of being leading choice of IT industry.

Professional Training

    We Provide a Set of Professional Training and certification that with high-quality of Training content and the reach and experience of our Global Training Providers, helps you develop a strong skills portfolio to grow your career and stay competitive in an ever-changing technical marketplace.


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